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Samsung Galaxy Centura Review

Samsung Galaxy Centura Review | Tracfone Smartphone

Evaluation from the Android Powered Centura from Tracfone
This evaluation by TracfoneReviewer can include the actual newly released Samsung Galaxy Centura, one among Tracfones first Android smartphones.

The actual Samsung Galaxy Centura is one among four new Android smartphones recently released by Tracfone for his or her wireless prepaid consumers.

The actual ZTE Valet, Huawei Glory and LG Optimus Dynamic are another 3 phones. You are able to scan our full evaluation the actual the ZTE Valet to discover which telephone and verify out our full evaluation from the LG Optimus Dynamic for a lot of information there. We additionally simply finished a full evaluation from the Huawei Glory that you can compare.

At this stage, the actual ZTE Valet and Samsung Galaxy Centura are the 2 widely accessible smartphones, and could be found in several shops, on-line in Amazon and eBay, and in Tracfone's official web site. The actual LG Optimus Dynamic is rapidly turning into accessible in several shops and on-line also. And also the Huawei Glory is likewise turning into a lot of widely accessible, each in shops and on-line.

Currently let us be able to arrive at the actual full evaluation from the Samsung Galaxy Centura.

Evaluation from the Samsung Galaxy Centura Smartphone
The actual Samsung Galaxy Centura is really a touchscreen smartphone running on Android 4. 0 operating method. It can be utilized solely along with Tracfone prepaid wireless service, which means you can't purchase the actual telephone after which attempt to apply it along with service providers. The actual Centura uses the actual CDMA network, generally running on Verizon towers.

You are able to scan a lot of in regards to the distinction in among GSM and CDMA, and just how to work out and that is correct for you personally, in your recent publish regarding that topic.

Prior to we be able to arrive at far, let us check out the actual attributes and specifications to the Centura.

Samsung Galaxy Centura Dimensions and Specs

3. 5 " Touchscreen
Dimensions : 4. 4 x 2. 4 x 0, 4 inches
4. 4 ounces
800Mhz Processor
Battery Standby 10 days
Battery Talk time 7 hours

The actual Centura is really a telephone from Tracfone filled with a lot of attributes than other non-Android telephone. You are able to surf the online on 3G or at no cost on WiFi. You could use lots and lots of apps from Google's app store. The actual prospects are greatly expanded using the Android OS.

To provide a balance from the pros' and cons' to the Samsung Galaxy Centura, let us check out TracfoneReviewer's brief collection of Likes and Dislikes concerning this new touchscreen smartphone. Whilst we do not include each great or poor factor concerning this telephone, we perform attempt to spotlight sufficient info to let you have a a lot of informed choice when shopping for this telephone.

Thus let us be able to arrive at the actual evaluation.

Samsung Galaxy Centura Evaluation - Likes and Dislikes
We'll start if you take a look into many of the issues we actually such as in regards to the Centura, after which transfer to a few attributes we did not such as, or believed ought to happen to be added.

Likes to the Samsung Galaxy Centura :
There are a lot of attributes which include this telephone which cause it to be an excellent worth compared with other Tracfone cell phones.

We of that sort the actual Centura has WiFi connectivity, 3G speeds, Triple Minutes for Lifestyle and also a 3MP camera.

WiFi accessibility upon the Samsung causes it to be potential to surf the web at no cost when linked to wireless internet. 3G speeds suggests that that whenever you are not on totally free of charge WiFi, you are able to still be on-line in decent speeds by using the phone's knowledge.

The actual 3 mega pixel camera will require each pictures and video recording in truthful quality, particularly when compared with the actual 1MP camera's on several some other Tracfone devices.

Triple Minutes for Lifestyle is the greatest offer offered by Tracfone. (A few of the older phones have solely double minutes forever.) What this suggests that is for each minute you add towards the telephone, you will get 2 a lot of at no cost. If you add a 60 minute prepaid card, you'll 180 total minutes !

The most important such as in regards to the Samsung Galaxy Centura is that the Android operating method that enables users to get access to more than 700, 000 apps from Google's Play store. Several apps are totally free of charge, or perhaps a simply a couple of bucks and provides huge attributes and functionality. You could use Google Maps, play lots and lots of games, or discover time saving apps which continue to keep your lifestyle easier. Go to the actual Google Play store to discover the actual apps they've to provide.

You will find a few issues we aren't this kind of huge fans concerning to the Centura, that we'll currently include.

Dislikes to the Samsung Galaxy Centura :
The very first factor we aren't huge fans concerning is that the new method for splitting up calling minutes/texting minutes/knowledge into 3 separate pots or pools. What this suggests that is whenever you add a 60 minute prepaid card, you'll it tripled into 180 calling minutes, 180 texts, and 180 mb of knowledge.

For several, this'll function simply good, and it is even a far better offer compared to the earlier method exactly in which you'd simply obtain 180 total minutes for calling/texting/web browsing.

However to anyone who is significant textual content users, this reduces the amount of texts you will get type a 60 minute card from 600 to only 180. That may be a significant reduction. If you tend to carry out method a lot of texting than any other activities, you might want to stick along with older designs. For the remainder of people, this is just a new method we should obtain used to.

An additional tiny dislike concerning this telephone, and all of the new Android phones from Tracfone, is Tracfone Promo Codes won't function on all of these. You are able to not obtain additional minutes at no cost when adding a brand new prepaid card.

We additionally dislike which there isn't any Airtime show upon the home screen, however you are able to rapidly and simply discover your minutes balance, that we'll make a case for just a little additional beneath.

Finally, the actual Samsung Galaxy Centura is requried to be made by the actual expensive aspect compared with other Tracfone mobile devices. It generally retails for $130 in shops and upon the Tracfone web site. We'll include a lot of on exactly in which to purchase this telephone, and how you can get it for less, in finished of the evaluation.

Which covers the most likes and dislikes we found using the Centura, look into the feedback, or leave your own personal, along with a lot of ideas upon the pros' and cons' of the telephone.

How you can Verify Your Airtime Balance upon the Samsung Galaxy Centura
This is really a query/issue we've been seeing plenty, thus we wish to include it right listed below for the convenience. As we described higher than, these is no show upon the home screen, however checking your Tracfone balance is extremely simple.

The very first choice usually is to utilize the new Tracfone app, that could offer you your balance. We have not tested this greatly, however you are able to go straight towards the app on Google Play to find out a lot of, and download it.

General Evaluation from the Samsung Galaxy Centura
samsung galaxy centura review

The actual Centura is a strong telephone type a nicely recognized electronics company having a history of valuable devices. The actual Samsung Galaxy Centura is very greatest suited for people who need their phones to carry out a lot of than simply textual content and contact. Along with admittance to lots and lots of apps, this phones prospective is almost endless, restricted solely by just what the consumer chooses to carry out.

For people who try some fine a lot of straightforward device, verify out many of the some other phones we've reviewed in our Cell Telephone Reviews page.

General, the actual Samsung Galaxy Centura is a superb worth and gives large improvements more than past Tracfone cell phones. It's among the first true smartphones offered by Tracfone. The actual capcapacity to surf the online at no cost by way of WiFi and utilize apps for entertainment, function or social build this a telephone along with multiple uses and functionality.

For all those comparing it towards the ZTE Valet, we recommend checking out our publish displaying the actual attributes and specs for each the actual Valet and Centura.

The actual Samsung Galaxy Centura generally retails for $129. 99 in shops and on-line. We found the actual Centura on Amazon with a $5 discount. And you may additionally scan many informative consumer reviews there also.

You can also need to examine eBay and HSN. com for telephone/minutes bundles that may be a very good offer.

We might recommend you consider acquiring a case and/or screen protector to keep your telephone in great form. There will be many cases and screen protectors to the Centura on Amazon.

This concludes our evaluation from the Samsung Galaxy Centura. We hope you found this useful. Make sure to discuss this along with others who may adore it, and leave a comment along with any queries, ideas or corrections.

You may enjoy reading through a number of our some other recent posts for example Places to Discover Tracfone Prepaid Cards or maybe the actual distinction in among GSM and CDMA Tracfone Cell Phones.

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