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Tech Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumor Reviews

Samsung's 2013 flagship telephone, the actual Galaxy S4, has long been smashing achievement, thus it is no wonder individuals are currently guessing concerning the successor. I am presuming which subsequent telephone will certainly be named the actual Galaxy S5, however even that is up inside the air.

Even if the actual Galaxy S4 was released in March, rumors started flying concerning subsequent Galaxy flagship telephone simply a couple of months later. We're tracking all of the buzz in regards to the new phone's supposed style, materials, and upgrades towards the camera along with other attributes. We will always update the actual publish as new reports are available, but when we miss something, allow us to understand inside the feedback beneath.

Noticed inside the wild : A potential Galaxy S5
A few promising new particulars in regards to the S5 have emerged from benchmark website GFXBench. Apparently the actual new handset can operate Android 4. 4 KitKat when it ships, possess a Snapdragon 800 processor running as much as 2. 5GHz, and, await it, sport a shocking 1440p, 2, 560x1, 440-pixel-resolution show. That will make previously rumors the S5 can possess a 5-inch, 560-pixels-per-inch screen seem a little more plausible.

Galaxy S5 could possibly be one among 5 smartphones from Samsung in early 2014
Samsung's subsequent flagship telephone may need a few competition if the rumor is true. Korean website ETNews states which Samsung is preparing to release 5, sure, 5, new smartphones to begin with quarter of 2014. Supposedly, the actual new phones might embrace the actual Galaxy S5, a less expensive version from the Galaxy Note 3, and maybe hybrid from the Galaxy Grand and also the Grand 2 known as Samsung Galaxy Grand Lite. Whilst 5 devices released shut along looks a little absurd, it is probable that Samsung might release a bevy of latest phones for totally different markets, as well as a worldwide design or 2 and a couple of for emerging locations for example India and Southern united states America.

Previously rumors hinted which subsequent Galaxy S might possess a metal unibody style having a less expensive polycarbonate design. Currently, Japanese website EMSOne states which there'll merely be one design, then it's solely accessible in metal. Sources claim that Samsung has placed an purchase from Taiwanese elements supplier Catcher to supply 10 million and 30 million unibody metal cases.

S5 will be upon us soon soon, very soon
A report from ETNews is claiming the Galaxy S5 can grace store shelves sometime in February or March 2014, a couple of months sooner than the actual S4's first birthday. Previously rumors had mentioned the actual telephone could be announced in January. Rather, ETNews says which production is slated to start in January.

Subsequent flagship Galaxy device could afford a wraparound display
In probably the most eyebrow-raising rumors out there, Bloomberg wrote which Samsung can debut a telephone having a three-sided wraparound show in 2014. Particulars are, in fact, fuzzy, however it is mentioned the show might wrap all around the edges from the telephone, allowing one to read messages in totally different angles. Additionally, the actual 3 sides might function independently, displaying totally different info on seperate edges. There isn't any promise that this'll happen, or which it'll even come up inside the S5, however it is probably the most fascinating rumors nonetheless.

The actual Galaxy S5's camera could afford Samsung's Isocell technology
We have currently heard murmurs the S5 can sport a 16-megapixel camera ; currently there is talk it also will obtain Samsung's Isocell camera sensor, that promises much better image quality. This information is much more reality than rumor, because it comes directly from Samsung. Throughout the Korean company's Analyst Day, Samsung mentioned the actual phones it releases in 2014 and 2015 can get Isocell. Thus far, even if, Samsung hasn't confirmed the Galaxy S5 even is available.

Look to the Galaxy S5 in January 2014
It looks which Samsung is inside a rush to obtain the Galaxy S5 in the marketplace. Information from Korean website Naver, that was founded by ex-Samsung staffers, states the Korean manufacturer can debut the actual S5 in January 2014. The actual telephone can possess a 16-megapixel camera along with optical image stabilization and Samsung's Exynos processor, consistent with the actual report.

Samsung's new smartphone camera could possibly be brighter
New particulars from patent-tracking website Patent Bolt back again up previously gossip which Samsung's new smartphones (as well as the actual putative S5) might include far better cameras. It states which Samsung is developing a brand new 13-megapixel camera which uses less energy, and, moreover, takes brighter, a lot of vibrant pictures. Actually, it is mentioned to become eight times brighter compared to the cameras on current Galaxy devices.

Samsung's subsequent flagship could be known as Galaxy F, not S5
Is Samsung is ditching the actual Galaxy S name? ETNews reports which subsequent flagship device, aka the foremost high-end design in Samsung's lineup, will certainly be named the actual Galaxy F. It is potential the Galaxy F could possibly be a brand new device altogether which launches separately coming from the Galaxy S5, however the actual F's alleged attributes and specs match up along with previously buzz to the S5. Namely, the actual Samsung Galaxy F is mentioned to possess an octa-core processor, a 16-megapixel camera along with optical image stabilization, and also a metal case.

S5 to sport an aluminum case
Samsung may ditch the actual plastic along with subsequent Galaxy S, opting rather for metal consistent with a rumor. ETNews states the actual new telephone can have an aluminum or any other metal housing.

Look for any 16MP camera along with optical image stabilization
If the rumor from SamMobile is true, the actual Galaxy S5 might consider stellar photos because of a 16-megapixel which uses optical image stabilization technologies. The actual enhanced camera sensor might assist you consider much better pictures upon the go.

16-megapixel OIS shooter - Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 might pack 16-megapixel OIS shooter
A brand new rumor means that subsequent year's Galaxy S5 can include optical image stabilization, although not the actual approaching Galaxy Note 3.

The actual Samsung Galaxy S5, or anything subsequent generation of Samsung Galaxy S smartphones will certainly be referred to as, might function a 16-megapixel camera along with optical image stabilization, consistent with a brand new report.

The actual Galaxy S5 (as we will contact it currently) could possibly be among the very first Samsung devices to supply users along with an enhanced camera sensor. The actual Galaxy Note 3 was once-rumored to provide the actual anti-shake technologies, however recent chatter means that image stabilization won't be prepared in time to the Note 3's September 4 debut.

Samsung will place optical image stabilization inside the Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone/camera hybrid, however it'll need to carry the actual technologies into the some other smartphones to contend against LG, HTC, and Nokia, that currently fold OIS into a number of their phones. Along these lines, shoppers are getting increasingly savvier concerning attributes and comprehend which image quality is not merely a make a difference of megapixels.

Samsung is predicted to debut the actual Galaxy Note 3 on September 4, a few times prior to Berlin's annual IFA conference officially begins.

Metal Body Samsung Galaxy S5 Feature

Samsung Galaxy S5 may function metal body

Samsung might finally swap the actual plastic physique on the flagship smartphone for any stronger, classier metal style. Samsung might offer in to cries for metal housing in the next-generation Galaxy S smartphone.

Using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 able to build the formal debut in IFA subsequent week, the actual rumor mill is currently moving onto which some other massive factor, the actual Galaxy S line. Consistent with a recent ET Information report (translate), Samsung can employ an aluminum or other-metal housing to its fifth-generation hero telephone.

As perhaps one of the biggest knocks against the actual Samsung Galaxy S4, the actual plastic physique is usually viewed being an inferior materials when compared with the actual likes from the HTC One's metal chassis. CNET, in the evaluation from the twosmartphone, noted the actual " plastic style provides it a less expensive look than the rivals. " Still, Samsung has mentioned it chooses plastic for lightness and durability.

The actual Samsung Galaxy S5 can be an additional 9 months from unharness, however that won't stop the actual Internet from buzzing about this. Soon additionally gave method to a second S5 rumor, this point which it'll include a 16-megapixel camera along with optical image stabilization.

It is worth noting which high-profile devices this kind of like the Galaxy S5 will certainly be the actual topic of a lot rumor and conjecture inside the coming months. Considering we're nowhere near the announcement, we ought to tread gently and expect conflicting reports.

Metal Galaxy F

Metal Galaxy F could possibly be Samsung's new flagship device?

Samsung might introduce a brand new premium brand smartphone expertise the actual coming months, consistent with one rumor.

Samsung might soon introduce a third premium smartphone expertise to complement the actual Galaxy S and Galaxy Note family, states an business supply (translate).

Consistent with ETNews, the actual so-called Galaxy F might function cutting-edge hardware specifications and materials which trump these in the current portfolio. Key among the many rumored particulars are an octa-core processor, a 16-megapixel camera along with optical image stabilization, and also a metal case. This style might notice Samsung pushing additional straight into the curved show technologies.

Though rumors purpose towards the Galaxy F being an Android 4. 2 Jelly Bean device, I suspect which from the time it arrives (if this arrives), it'll a minimum of carry Android 4. 3 Jelly Bean, and hopefully Android 4. 4 KitKat.

I do not know in regards to you, however the thought of the premium metal Samsung smartphone seems terribly expensive. Using the plastic Galaxy S4 fetching more than $600 retail and also the Galaxy Note 3 coming in in about $700, depending upon the area, the actual Galaxy F might price $800 or even more while not a contract.

This really is, but, assuming which Samsung does not lower the actual pricing structure from the earlier lineup to reflect this prospective new participant.

Along with nearly all some other handset manufacturers currently manufacturing aluminum or metal bodies along with nonremovable batteries, it shouldn't come back a surprise which Samsung may have a crack in a similar. Among the first issues individuals notice in regards to the HTC One and also the Sony Xperia Z is that the method they really truly come to sense in hand. A brand new Galaxy F series might place an finish towards the complaints of Samsung's plastic methods while not changing the actual Galaxy S series.

When the F involves be, it is going to be fascinating to discover simply just how many of those phones sell as well as what kind of market availability Samsung envisions. It is something you need to unharness a special gold version in an existing device ; it is some thing totally totally different to introduce a brand-new line.

Samsung Camera could be eight times brighter

For all of the features and shooting modes in Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones, one area where camera performance particularly falls short is in low-light conditions, even on high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy S4 Zoom.

After having spent time with multiple Galaxy models, I have to say that I rarely find myself using the camera after sundown. The same goes for indoor shots with less than optimal lighting.

Regardless of whether it's a 5-megapixel or 13-megapixel image, these photos suffer from graininess and blurring, or just downright darkness. And though there are a few camera modes designed to help, like night mode, I've never been completely satisfied with the end result.

Samsung's subsequent camera could possibly be eight times brighter

Samsung could possibly be focusing on a brand new camera expertise which addresses a significant weakness : poor low-light photos.

For all the attributes and shooting modes in Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones, one space exactly in which camera performance notably falls brief is in low-light conditions, even on high-end smartphones such as the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy S4 Zoom.

When getting spent time along with multiple Galaxy designs, I've to mention which I rarely discover myself by using the camera when sundown. A similar goes for indoor shots along with lower than optimal lighting.

Whether it is a 5-megapixel or 13-megapixel image, these photos suffer from graininess and blurring, or just simply downright darkness. And even if you will find a few camera modes developed to assist, such as night method, I have never been totally satisfied along with finished result.

Auto method will typically flip upon the flash, that, on Samsung smartphone cameras, tends to blow out the actual image along with an excessive amount light-weight, or totally eliminate the actual ambiance thus it seems the photo was taken midday. In case you've got at any time been upon the receiving finish of the dual-LED flash, you will know simply how bright this could be.

Low-light shots are an issue for many mobile players, however Samsung's rivals perform much better. Mobile players such as Nokia (Lumia 1020), LG (G2), HTC (One), and Apple (iPhone 5S) have created nice strides inside the space of low-light conditions ; every has scored nicely in Trac's in-house tests when taken utilizing automatic settings.

Consistent with a recent PatentBolt report, Samsung has created a brand new 13-megapixel camera module which promises a lot brighter images and low energy consumption.

Mentioned to become eight times brighter compared to the current camera module, additionally it is mentioned to function antishake and optical image stabilization settings. The actual new camera sensor is predicted to reach into production in early 2014 and may possibly discover the method straight into the Samsung Galaxy S4 and also the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 successors.

This technologies may also roll out the actual carpet for a brand new smartphone line, say, as an example, the actual rumored Galaxy F that will exist outside from the Galaxy S series.

Wanting ahead, I suspect which subsequent generation of smartphones can notice a lot bigger concentrate on camera technologies. Shoppers are learning which acquiring a terrific shot is not solely a make a difference of getting a lot of megapixels.

Along with CES 2014 correct all around the corner, this is the time to stay an eye out for standout camera experiences. Basically, care your eyes perked for buzzwords such as OIS, optical zoom, and low light-weight.

Samsung Galaxy S5 in January 2014

Samsung rush GS5 out the actual door in January
A Korean website founded by former Samsung staffers states subsequent Galaxy smartphone might simply be a few months away and pegs it to some recent slowdown in GS4 revenue.

The actual Samsung Galaxy S5 could possibly be simply a few months away, as a brand new report means that the actual sequel towards the Galaxy S4 will certainly be rushed out indulging in recent slowdown in revenue.

Korean website Naver -- founded by ex-Samsung staffers, incidentally -- reports the S5 will certainly be revealed in January. Rumors allege the S5 can pack a 16-megapixel camera along with optical image stabilization. Additionally allegedly can home a Samsung Exynos processor instead of a Qualcomm processor. Fingers are crossed for a strong eight-core chip, that seems inside the S4 however solely in selected countries and never inside the UK or US.

The actual time from the GS5 is merely a rumor, but. And since the S4 solely went on sale in late April, it is a rumor that ought to be taken having a pinch of salt. Even when the S4 revenue have slowed lately, do not forget which 20 million flew off shelves to begin with 2 months alone.

Camera Tech Set for Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung's Isocell camera tech established for Galaxy S5, states report
The actual technologies is considered to become coming to Samsung's several devices subsequent year, as well as the flagship handset.

Samsung's Galaxy S5 handset might release having a 16-megapixel camera featuring the actual firm's Isocell technologies.

Throughout Samsung's Analyst Day on Wednesday, the corporate showed a slide indicating that the 16-megapixel Isocell sensor will certainly be coming towards the company's smartphones for 2014-2015. Which information arrived when Samsung confirmed which the flagship handsets might function a 16-megapixel camera.

Sam Mobile, a website which tracks Samsung, pieced the actual announcements along, stating it seems the actual Isocell will certainly be coming towards the Samsung Galaxy S5. In the end, the actual website factors out, the actual Galaxy S5 is Samsung's flagship handset, and also the slide indicates which Isocell can come back bundled having a 16-megapixel sensor.

Thus, what's Isocell? Announced in September, Isocell is made for mobile devices and aims in capturing cleaner, higher-quality images. The corporate mentioned in September which Isocell reduces pixel size while not requiring larger cameras. Which outcomes in additional light-weight passing with the pixels, therefore improving image quality.

To its component, Samsung hasn't confirmed the Galaxy S5 even is available, including can function Isocell technologies. However all signs seem to purpose to Samsung bringing the actual technologies to the subsequent flagship handset.

TracFone Site has contacted Samsung for comment. We'll update this tale when we've a lot of info.